Dear SAVOR Run Team Captain,

We are thrilled that you will be participating in the Inaugural SAVOR Run! It is going to be a fun morning and, because of you and your teammates, we will be able to support local cancer survivors with a free fitness program that will help them recover from the affects of chemotherapy and get them on their feet again. Thank You!

We want to give you some extra incentive to recruit more team members (the more the merrier and more support for our local cancer survivors). If you can recruit 8 or more teammates, we’ll give each member a special price of $30 for any race. This includes teammates already on your team. Recruit 10 people, and we’ll refund your race registration. Have 15 or more on your team and we’ll give you two passes to the Sunset Savor The Central Coast event on Sunday afternoon (a $170 value).

Here is how the special pricing works: Your new teammates will register at the regular registration price. Make sure they join your team through the registration process. After online registration closes on September 12, we’ll refund the difference in price for the race they have chosen (i.e. if they paid $60 for the 10K, we’ll refund $30**) for every teammate. A check will be sent to you as the captain and you can either refund to each teammate or donate to a charity or have a party, it’s up to you and your teammates.

If this is a bit confusing, or just too much to digest, please call Heather Hellman at 544-2905 or email to discuss.

Thank you so much for your support of our local cancer survivor community. You and your teammates are making a difference. Let’s run and SAVOR each step!!


Heather Hellman Event Director l SAVOR Run Coordinator

** If your teammates (existing or new) have already taken a special $10 off discount, they will only be refunded the dollar amount difference to a $30 registration fee. If they registered at the special $30 price, there is no further refund.