SLO County Featured in New York Times Video Series "36 Hours"

"36 Hours in San Luis Obispo, Calif."

In their latest installment of the video series "36 Hours," The New York Times featured San Luis Obispo and it's surrounding cities. This great video highlights everything we love about San Luis Obispo County, from eating great food to drinking wonderful wine and beer, and playing in our natural surroundings.

"Occupying a dramatic stretch of coast midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo County is nothing if not well-positioned. It has the Pacific to the west, the fertile San Joaquin Valley to the east and a delicious Mediterranean climate. It is here, on an isolated hill overlooking the ocean, that William Randolph Hearst built his bizarre, opulent castle (worthy of a visit), and it was here that the construction magnate Alex Madonna erected his own kitschy, faux-Alpine landmark, the Madonna Inn, a decade later. Like California itself, San Luis Obispo (SLO, as it’s called here) is both a place and a lifestyle. Sprawling and rural, it sits at the intersection of surf culture, cowboy culture and California cuisine. And that is a fine place to be."

Check out all the stops in the video below or click here to read their full 36 hour itinerary.