This coming Saturday, there will be a new biking event held in San Luis Obispo County: the SLO Gran Fondo. Bikers will start in downtown San Luis Obispo at 7 AM, and depending on which of the three distances they race, will travel as far north as Piedras Blancas on Highway 1. The race will cater to all levels of abilities: everything from pro racers (several are signed) to weekend hobbyists.

SLO Gran Fondo

There are hopes to make this an annual event. Hundreds of bikers are expected to take part - both locals and from outside SLO County. At least one of the professionals in the race is from Germany. (Apparently, she rides here often in the Winter time. If you have experienced winters in both Germany and SLO like I have, you KNOW why.)

SLO County was one of the hosts for the first three "Tour of California" races, and will be again after a one-year absence. Countless charity rides are held through the year.

Biking is very popular in SLO County year round. On the weekend, along the most popular routes, you can often see dozens of bikers pedaling. Individual bikers and entire biking groups from out of county enjoy SLO County's combination of great roads, great scenery and bike-friendly orientation. Many roads have official bike lanes, and there are several organizations that provide maps of the most popular routes. Like something fairly flat with no auto traffic (perfect for little kids on bikes) take the "Bob Jones Trail" in Avila Beach. Want an arduous slog up a steep hill? - Take Old Creek Road between Cayucos and Paso Robles. (Include me out on this one.)