Deliverance Port Truffles Recipe by Paso Terra Seafood Restaurant

Ingredients: For 40 pieces

1 lb semi sweet chocolate

2 oz butter

12 oz heavy cream

4 oz deliverance port (from Graveyard Vineyards)

Truffle Cover:

6 oz chocolate

4 oz cocoa powder


·Melt chocolate at low temperature in a bowl, no more than 105 degrees on a double boiler.

·Stir for about 2 minutes, for a shiny look.

·Add port and stir

·Refrigerate for about 1 hour

To form Truffles, 3 methods:

1.With 2 small spoons make little balls

2.Use a piping bag with no tip on parchment paper

3.Use ½ oz ice cream scoop that is soaked in hot water after each scoop, and dried

After sizing the truffles, roll them in your hand to form a ball.

To finish truffles, roll them in melted chocolate, then in cocoa powder

Recommended wine pairing: Graveyard Deliverance, available at the Tasting Room

·Any port can be used