SUP, SLO County

While we always want to know what's up with you, SUP is actually the common abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This new sport is as much a part of the Central Coast’s water landscape as surfing and kayaking are. The momentum that SUP has taken on our beaches is due in part to the fact that it is something virtually anyone can do, even your furry companion. This low-impact, full body workout allows the user to paddle where they want while standing up at full height, giving them a unique position to view wildlife and surroundings.

Whether you are a beginner and want to try SUP for light recreation or wish to explore the open waters and get a longer workout, SLO County has several areas for you to choose from.

Here are two of our favorites:

Morro Bay

Choose to paddle the calm waters of the bay or get adventurous and travel a little further out into the estuary. Morro Bay is perfect for any type of paddle boarder in that you can choose between leisure SUP, surf SUP, or adventure SUP. Check out SUP The Mag's Morro Bay Urban Paddle Guide for more information about paddling in this area.

(Photo by @mom_ve via Instagram)

Avila Beach

Avila Beach is one of the only beaches in the county that doesn’t get affected by fog quite as much as the others. Here you can explore sea caves, secret beaches and Port San Luis Harbor all while basking in the light of the Central Coast sun. You might even pick up a hitchhiker along the way just wanting a short ride.

(Photo by @jeddhasay via Instagram)

Fun fact: Did you know you can even do Yoga while SUPing? Up the SUP relaxation factor to 10 because now you do! Practice your downward dog, warrior, and tree pose out on the water for two workouts in one.

Where ever you choose to go, follow these helpful tips:

Use a leash or personal flotation device when available

SUP with a buddy

Never paddle boarded before? Don’t be afraid to take a lesson

Paddle within your ability

Learn proper paddling technique to avoid injury

Stay within 50ft of marine life (when possible)

Learn and practice good SUP surf etiquette when in the surf zone

Happy SUPing!