They say there's no such thing as a free lunch in this world. That may be true, but every Thursday night this summer you'll find free music in downtown Atascadero as part of the Colony Concerts on Entrada. Each Thursday night Entrada Avenue, right around the corner from the magnificent Carlton Hotel, is closed down and a stage goes up. There's a different live act every week. No admission charge. Just wander on in. There are some tables and chairs, but you will probably want to bring your own lawn chairs, cold chests, etc. Usually there are street vendors and farmers and nearby eateries are open for before or after the show. During the concert beer is available for sale.

 Where to eat:  Check out Shockley's at the Carlton for a great lounge and dinner restaurant. Down Traffic Way you'll find Fig Good Food, a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that lives up to its name. Burger fans will skip down the block to Sylvesters (hint: get the sauce on the side unless you intend to shower immediately after eating.) Other spots along El Camino Real and within short walking distance of the concert include Camozzi's Saloon, Macie's Deli and Drinkery, Terry's Bar & Grill and Sulley's Grill.

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It's not a free lunch, but hey it's not lunchtime either. See you downtown Atascadero on Thursday evenings!