This coming Saturday, Morro Bay is hosting their fun "Avocado and Margarita Festival". Despite the name, there is a big emphasis on top local bands performing during the event. So you can just groove to the music if you want. (Check out this 42 second clip from last year's event.)  However... local restaurants do offer their own unique variations on Guacamole. You can also buy avocados yourself, so that you can make your own dishes at home.

Avocado Festival in Morro Bay - 2009

And of course you can also buy Margaritas, or other beverages, including beer and wine. (And, of course, I know you shouldn't start sentences with "and".) You can also buy some great food, in case you want to soak up some of the free-flowing alcohol, or just get hungry. Last year, I enjoyed some great fish tacos, as well as some salsa and chips.

There are a miscellaneous group of other vendors there - food, art, clothing etc. So you can stroll around, sipping your drink, eating your food, listening to music and looking at (and maybe buying) interesting things. Works for me.

Housekeeping details: Entrance is free, but you do pay for the drinks and food. Weather may be gorgeous, or a bit cool - or both within the space of a few minutes - so come prepared. Be prepared to park a few blocks away, and walk to the event.