Another production makes its way to San Luis Obispo County! The independent feature film, The White Orchid, will star Olivia Thirlby (Juno, Dredd) and Janina Gavankar (True Blood). The movie will also feature John Carroll Lynch (Shutter Island, Zodiac) and Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek).

The film was written and directed by Steve Anderson and is being being produced by Jeff Marchelletta and Josh Mandel through Santana Films, founded by Stephen Bogart, son of famed actor Humphrey Bogart.

This mystery thriller is set in Morro Bay, Big Sur and San Francisco. The production crew spent nearly three weeks shooting various locations in San Luis Obispo County including Montana De Oro State Park, Bayshore Bluffs Park in Morro Bay, and various private properties in Morro Bay and Harmony.

The San Luis Obispo County Film Commission will continue to provide updates on the film as they become available.


Shy and reserved, Claire Decker is a part-time investigator for Social Services. Typically, she solves cases where senior citizens have died alone, leaving no indication of who must handle their estate. This time, however, Claire is reluctantly drawn into a brutal murder case. The local police have been unable to solve the horrific crime, or even decipher the victim’s true identity. A beautiful and enigmatic young blonde, known only as “The White Orchid,” has been shot and dismembered. As Claire is drawn deeper and more intimately into the dead woman’s life, she finds herself taking dangerous chances and pushing personal and professional boundaries. As she gets closer to the truth, Claire must effectively become the charismatic “White Orchid” in order to solve the mysterious crime.

Read more about the movie at The Hollywood Reporter.

Shooting Location in Harmony


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