Central Coast Food Tours

I blog about the food and wines of San Luis Obispo County; No surprise food and wines of the area are a special love of mine. Having lived here for over 25 years, I've grown to love the places and people that define the beauty, nature, agricultural heritage and resourcefulness of the people who live here. This is one of the many reasons I Love Where I Live - truly!

So, what's an empty nester to do residing in this verdant land, fast becoming renowned as a "World-Class Wine Region"? I might try my hand at winemaking...but ...nah... I don't have the technical expertise, or family legacy of working the land that many of our excellent winemakers do.

Being the creative sort, I've tried various experimental ventures calling upon the bounty of our land and sharing the resulting product with our friends. We've grown lavender, which was fun, but a huge amount of work for the few drops of lavender oil one reaps.

We've also enjoyed planting olive trees (mostly for ornamental purposes). Becoming overwhelmed by our harvest, my husband discovered an interest in pickling the olives - which, by the way, became a real hit with demand far exceeding our supply. And, last but not least, I'm a bread baker of considerable renown. I grind my own grains, and have fun finding ways to make tasty, exotic breads. All these ventures however, were shared only amongst our friends.

Alas, along came the idea of a FOOD TOUR. We realized we know the FOOD & WINE of the Central Coast. We had already decided we wanted to start a business that would put us in the company of people similar to us - FOODIES. Plus, we're both outdoor people, so to have an opportunity to walk about the town while sharing "off the beaten path" food venues, meet interesting people, unravel the history and culture of the area through invigorating stories (my husband is Russian - so the narrative can become quite exclamatory), - it seemed like a perfect fit.

We're just starting our tours. Our first is the DOWNTOWN SAN LUIS OBISPO FOOD TOUR. It's a great way to learn about the downtown area, and the County, in general. We walk, talk and taste food and wine at seven pre-arranged tasting destinations. The emphasis is on fresh, local food.

Our tour focuses on the neighborhood café and side street venues that even locals might have yet to discover! We love to tell the stories behind these entrepreneurs, and how they access the fresh food finds of San Luis Obispo County. It's a fun 3 hours of food tasting, talking, walking, and making new friends.

Join Us!

Laura Gurreau