If you really love the taste of ripe tomatoes - like I do - there is a annual "Tomato Extravaganza" in the City of SLO for you this Saturday. To me, nothing beats the taste of a REALLY ripe tomato, drizzled with salad dressing, or even just salt and pepper.

Jack Creek Farms Heirloom Tomatoes

I love tomatoes so much, every year I make an (often vain) attempt to grow them myself. I also like to try new (which is to say old "heirloom") varieties, in addition to the Roma and Golden Jubilees that I always grow. (Golden Jubilee is a beautiful light orange color when ripe, and low in acidity. Romas are perfect for making your own sun-dried tomatoes.)

Unfortunately, I do not have much of a green thumb, so my tomato crop is often pathetic. . (I am the only person in recorded history who has trouble growing mint, for example.) Luckily, there are local farmers (for example, Jack Creek Farms in Templeton, supplier of the tomotoes seen in the photo above.) who do know what they are doing, and so the many Farmers Markets in SLO County offer many varieties if great tomatoes in season, including many heirloom varieties. These sure beat the ones you usually buy in grocery stores that look great but taste blah. Many of the local restaurants offer great salads, incorporating these fresh vegetables. (Yes, I know it's a fruit...)