Upcoming Events in Paso Robles!


Mark Your Calendars


by Matt Browne

As we enter into February we thought you should know about the fantastic line up of events in Paso Robles wine country. This is also the time of year where we leave the slower season in the dust and kick off our event season! It’s similar to the vines going dormant during the winter, although Paso doesn’t go dormant, the winter certainly slows a bit; but come Spring we step it up into high gear as life comes back to the vines. So let’s get started!

January was “Restaurant Month” and now February brings “Paso Robles Hotel Month”, so be sure to check that out!

General round-up  of events for “The Wineries of 46 East Paso Robles”  
February 10 – Valentine Movie Night
February 25 to 26 in San Diego and February 27 to 28 in Los Angeles– Grand Tasting Tour
March 3 – Paso Robles Wedding and Event Expo
March 12 to 17 - PCCHA Holy Cow Performance Horses Winter Round-Up
March 15 to 17 – Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival
March 23 – 5th Annual Tour of Paso
March 23 – 5th Annual Paso Robles Dog Jog
March 24 – Wine Country ½ Marathon and 5K Run

Be sure to check in on your favorite wineries as well, it’s quite possible they will be having some events specifically at their wineries. Also, if you feel we have missed anything let us know. Do you think you’ll be going to any of these events??

Matt is a 10-year Paso Robles area resident. He and his wife Annie love exploring the Central Coast looking for food, drinks, and adventure. You can follow their adventures on their blog at HootnAnnie.