This past Sunday there was a great event happening in Mission Plaza in downtown San Luis Obispo. It was the WALK for Autism put on by the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center. One of my friends was volunteering at the event so we went to it to support the cause. They had an awareness fair before the walk with a ton of booths that were so fun to walk around and check out. There was a horse petting booth with a beautiful horse, the Central Coast Gymnastics had a booth where the kids could practice their gymnastics, and there was even a face painting booth, along with many more. They also had dance studios from around the county performing that were all so well done and entertaining. It was such a beautiful day that it was perfect for such a wonderful event. There were two surprises at the event that no one but the staff knew about before the event. As we were walking around before the walk began looking at all of the cool booths, we spotted Zac Efron!

Zac Efron at WALK for Autism Zac Efron at WALK for Autism 2

He was born in San Luis Obispo and somehow they got him to come out and support the cause without anyone knowing! It was such a surprise and all of the kids that were participating in the event were so excited that he was there. To add to that, when they were about to begin the walk, before Mr. Efron kicked it off, a Flash Mob started of swing dancers in front of the start line!! It was so much fun to see them all start dancing out of nowhere all synchronized. It was so great to see so many people out on a Sunday afternoon supporting autism awareness. It was the third time this event has happened and it was an absolute success! This event is not one to be missed and it was very informative and entertaining! I plan on participating in it next year, and you should think about it too! You never know what is going to happen or who you are going to see at this great event!!