Weddings in Wine Coast Country

Edna Valley Vineyards

by Tina Swithin

If you need to find me on a random Saturday afternoon, I am usually found enjoying the gorgeous views of Edna Valley Vineyards in San Luis Obispo. You will be hard-pressed to find a more spectacular view than the one that awaits you in the Edna Valley area of Wine Coast County. While this winery is a personal favorite of mine, there is something truly magical about this venue when a wedding is underway.

Michele and Eric recently experienced the magical ambiance of Edna Valley Vineyards on September 22, 2012 as they became husband and wife with their dog, “Brubeck” by their side. Brubeck is the couple’s first child who was affectionately named after musician Dave Brubeck. This was only appropriate because the couple first met at Dave’s concert! The day before the wedding, Brubeck escaped from his nearby San Luis Obispo boarding facility and climbed over a six-foot fence. I am guessing that he was afraid of being left out of the wedding festivities but the wonderful Tina Hoppe of Edna Valley Vineyards gave the green-light for Brubeck to attend the wedding where he even posed for multiple photos!

There was one particular component of the wedding reception really touched me- besides Brubeck! Michele and Eric decorated each place setting with cards adorned with photos and love stories of older family members such as their parents and grandparents. Such a sweet and memorable idea that I have yet to see on Pinterest!

Tina Swithin is a lifelong resident of San Luis Obispo County who happily blogs about her adventures in WineCoastCountry. Tina can be found in nearby restaurants, wineries, beaches or other scenic spots. Follow her on Twitter @TinaSwithin