It's time to shave that face and sign up for the annual
Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival WHISKERINO SLOW GROW CONTEST!

beard growing contest

According to Parker Brothers Beyond Balderdash the definition of a whiskerino is "a beard growing contest."  In Urban Dictionaries, "The act of not shaving and thus growing a beard, if possible."  And yes, it's all about facial hair and how much you can grow between St. Patrick's Day and the 75th Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival, September 28th and 29th!

To enter this years contest swing by the HAIR Saloon & NAIL Spa on Saturday, March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, between, 4pm and 7pm.  You must be clean shaven and sign up to be judged during the Harvest Festival on September 29th,  Time: TBA
There will be lots of prizes, KLONDIKES PIZZA & HAIR Saloon Gift Cards!

The 75th Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival will be held on September 28th and 29th, 2012!   To keep up to date with Contests, Events and other Harvest Festival News, visit us on Facebook at or visit our website at