Why I Love Thomas Hill Organics: Laura's Top Ten Reasons


by Laura Gurreau


1. Have you ever tasted really, truly ‘fresh off the farm' food? Dining at THO (localspeak for Thomas Hill Organics) has never offered anything otherwise. Whether the Thomases grow it on their farm or buy it from another local farmer, you know what you eat is the freshest available.

2. THO introduces us to unusual fruits, vegetables and grains that either we've never heard of, or were afraid to try. Over the years, they've earned my trust and I no longer question the exotics they place on my plate - I give thanks for THO, and eagerly dive in to discover something new, but invariably delicious.


3. Chef Julie has a fearless spirit, quirky creativity, and uncanny ability to draw forth the best of each fruit, vegetable, nut, grain or piece of meat portends to offer. Then to do it again, and again and again.

4. How often do you find places you can eat outdoors in the rain yet remain warm, dry and cozy? Thank you, THO, for your lovely outdoor patio that we can enjoy year round.

5. Every now and then I want a hamburger and a brew. I love Wednesday nights at THO, where I get a Firestone Walker brew for $1 with my burger.

6. Thanks THO for sharing your extra farm produce with us at the Farmers Market. After eating these lovelies at the restaurant, I'm eager to try my hand with these heirloom varieties at home.

7. Where have you ever eaten where your server harvested the food off the farm the day before? Yes, it's true. Ask your server what's ‘fresh', or ‘looks best' and you just might hear it from the mouth of the person who harvested it. Now that's what I call getting "close to your food."


8. I like that elusive thing called ‘atmosphere.' Whether it's the brick walls, the patio with its rustic pizza oven, or Joe Thomas' paintings on the walls, this place has a vibe about it that let's you know you're someplace special, and... that you belong.



9. Want to try a glass of local wine with your dinner? THO has a wine list just as unique, adventurous, and delicious as their food.

10. Jokingly, I often refer to owner Debbie Thomas as the brains and beauty behind the amazing success of THO. I guess I should stop joking because it's true. Debbie is the vision, energy and glue that keeps this restaurant humming on all cylinders each and every day. 

I hope you find your own reasons to try, and ultimately love this most unique and special place.




Thomas Hill Bistro
1305 Park Street, Paso Robles, Ca.
Ph: 805.226.5888

About Laura: Laura Gurreau is the owner of Central Coast Food Tours. A longtime 'local', Laura shed her career as a management consultant to follow her passion for food and wine. She enjoys meeting the farmers, chefs, winemakers and artisanal food producers who make Paso Robles a premier destination for fine foods and delicious wines. Laura can be found sharing her 'finds' with guests of her Paso Robles,San Luis Obispo and Farm-to-Table Food Tours.