2021 September Wine Seminar: Cabernet Sauvignon, King of Grapes


Wine Seminar: Cabernet Sauvignon - The King of Grapes
Sunday; September 26th, 1-3pm
The Library | CASS Tasting Room

Versatile, hardy & delicious; Come learn about the most widely produced grape in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon!

CASS Winery offers the perfect educational venue to become an advanced taster and wine aficionado. Katie Bay, Certified Specialist of Wine and Level II Sommelier, guides you through a lively, sensory experience that includes analysis, discussion and tasting of wine from around the globe. By the end of the session, you will see how discovering the nuances of wine can be simple and above all fun!

Join us in the Library, located at our Tasting Room. Lunch is not included, but we encourage reservations before or after your class!

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