Boston Ravine


Boston Ravine Bluegrass Band was formed in 2018 in Grass Valley, CA. The town, founded during the Gold Rush, was once known as Boston Ravine. The group includes Robert Heirendt (guitar, vocals), Mei Lin Heirendt (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), and Karl Chelette (bass). Mei Lin, now 14, has grown up attending the California Bluegrass Association’s Father’s Day Festival, participating in the Kids on Bluegrass Program and enjoying all-night jams at bluegrass campouts. Steeped in traditional bluegrass, the band also brings their own interpretations of contemporary bluegrass, country, and gospel into their mix. Boston Ravine made their debut in May 2019 to a sold-out crowd at Wild Eye Pub in Grass Valley. Sometimes playing as a trio, sometimes as a band with special guests, Boston Ravine has captivated audiences at several venues including California WorldFest. They are also a popular pick for private parties and weddings.


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