Call to Artists - Visionary Human 2D Exhibit


  • Presented By: Morro Bay Art Association
  • Dates: September 7, 2021
  • Location: Art Center Morro Bay
  • Address: 835 Main St Morro Bay, 93442
  • Phone: (805) 772-2504
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Sept.9 - Nov.1

Take-in day Sept.7th 10am-2pm


This pandemic provides an opportunity to break with the past, reconcile with current injustices and imagine a world anew. We are at the crossroads. Turning away from yesterday, we’re leaping forward into a new future. As we transition from current habitual concepts and a fabricated persona, we shed the past and pivot into a renewed spirit and sense of vision.

Visionary Human gives rise to questions of survival and demonstrates how art continually pushes us to reimagine our existence.

Visionary human is open only to 2D and jewelry artists.

3D artists are welcome to apply within toMORROw Sculpture parallel show.

Artworks for Visionary Human are accepted in all 2D media and jewelry artists, relating to the animalistic, instinctual, primitive, intuitive and surreal deep perception of nature of existence. Exploring and visually projecting indigenous as well as contemporary, dream-state as well as psychedelic states of consciousness. Reality reimagined and dream visualized within indistinct boundaries of fact and fiction. Artists are asked to construct their version of reality and self.

Artists in this show are encouraged to draw from centuries-old practices while imbuing them with fresh perspectives to examine issues bubbling up in today’s volatile cultural and environmental climate.


This extraordinary exhibit is open to all artists. 

Refer to the website for further information. All general fees and commissions found on entry forms, located on the exhibit schedule.


For further questions contact Barbara Sitar, Art Curator and Gallery Director at

Photo credit:  Barbara Sitar, Title: Lineage


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