Diabetes 3-Class Series


Taught by Haley Garelli, RDN, DCES (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Diabetes Care Education Specialist) and Therapeutic Chef Naida Freeman.

This class is suggested for individuals perhaps described as "pre-diabetic" or "Type II Diabetic." Requirement is to attend all 3 classes. (Series will be offered quarterly and limited to 12 attendees.)

1ST CLASS: October 7: Physiology of What's Happening in your Body (1-hr lecture with Haley; 1/2-hour cooking demonstration with Chef Naida)

2ND CLASS: October 14: Emotional Side of Eating; Re-discovering "the sweetness of life" (1/2 hour lecture with Haley; 1-hour cooking demonstration with Chef Naida - 2 recipes to be made)

3RD CLASS: October 21: Hands-on cooking in the kitchen with Chef Naida. Group will pair up and prepare 3 different recipes.

Cost for the series is $60 for 3 classes if paid upfront; or $25/class if paying per class. RSVP AND ADVANCE PAYMENT REQUIRED: 805-434-1800.

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