Flower Power


Art Center Morro Bay is proud to present, FLOWER POWER.

Flower Power is a slogan emblematic from the counter culture of the 1960’s. During the Summer of Love, flowers became powerful symbols of peace, a concept plucked from Buddhist art.

More than merely decorative, floral imagery has helped convey ideas from the refined to the revolutionary for thousands of years. Flowers in contemporary art are connected to particular cultural legacies but are also open to new interpretations, moored to the past yet provoking questions about our future.

This exhibit will demonstrate the flexibility of floral images to convey both timely and timeless themes. The flowers offer decorative appeal, symbolic and healing values, as well as ways of thinking about a wide range of topics—the natural environment in which we live, the communities we build, and the commodities we buy.

This exhibition will embrace the diversity of florals through 2-dimensional interpretations from scientific illustration, abstract, photorealism to large free style creations in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, photography, digital media and mixed media. In addition, 3-dimensional art will include ceramic, glass, wood and floral sculptures. The ART OF IKEBANA will feature work of botanical artists, green professionals, flower growers and floral designers.

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