The Four Italian Tenors


Direct from Rome, Italy- Inaugural Tour of the USA
“I Quattro Tenori Italiani”
Perform “Viva Italia!”
A Salute to four great Italian Tenors:
Enrico Caruso, Mario Lonza, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli

The Four Italian Tenors, all rising stars of the Italian stage, perform the greatest Italian opera tenor arias and songs of all time, in unique arrangements created for their U.S. debut tour.

The Four Italian Tenors – Alessandro D’Acrissa, Federico Serra, Roberto Cresca and Federico Parisi – bring a passionate performance to the ears of fans.

Their performances are captivating, exhilarating, passionate, engaging and mesmerizing.

Hear this new generation of world class Tenors explore and present these classic works with panache, verve and vivacity, all in their own inimitable style.

Be transformed to the land of Italy, and bathe in its rich culture with the sounds of The Four Italian Tenors.

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