The French Connection


Two masters of the early 20th Century Parisian musical world are revealed by hauntingly beautiful melodies, soulful harmonies, and energetic rhythms.

Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem, is the French composer’s most popular work for soloists, chorus, orchestra, and organ. Written in seven movements, it is appreciated today as a serene, harmonious, and comforting expression of the Requiem mass. Highlights include the lyrical soprano solo, “Pie Jesu”, and gently expressed “In Paradisium.”  It was played at Fauré’s funeral in 1924.

Our French Connection continues with Francis Poulenc’s “Gloria”, a joyous and lively work composed in 1961. Poulenc’s use of a variety of vocal and orchestral colors makes this one of his most popular works. Composed in six  short movements, it includes majestic themes and dramatic solos for soprano soloist, orchestra, and chorus.

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