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San Luis Obispo County has long been a home to visual artists, from painters, sculptors, glassblowers and calligraphers to mixed media, and even performance artists. The region’s relaxed speed of life, along with plenty of picturesque vistas and diverse landscapes, makes for fine art, indeed. Art festivals around SLO CAL attract enthusiasts and collectors from near and far, allowing them the opportunity to visit artists’ studios and peruse public art. Take in the numerous galleries and antique stores that dot the Central Coast. Styles range from realism to abstract, refined to rugged, traditional to progressive and serious to kitsch―and much of the work is for sale when it’s on display. Where will you find your next gift, souvenir or masterpiece? Don’t be surprised if it comes from an art festival here in SLO County. Every time you see it, you’ll think back fondly on the rolling hills, rocky coastline and patchwork farms that make up our perfectly paced part of the world.

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