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Santa Margarita


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A family enjoys the wildflowers in the hills of SLO CAL
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Santa Margarita

Let loose in rural Santa Margarita, and you’ll leave feeling invigorated to the core. Known as the gateway to northern SLO CAL and the scenic Carrizo Plain National Monument, visitors are only a few miles from spectacular hiking opportunities year-round and wildflower viewing in the spring. Feel the wind on your face as you daringly zip line, soaring hundreds of feet above rows of vineyards, oak woodlands and chaparral. Kayak and camp at Santa Margarita Lake, where wildlife is plentiful and cool marine breezes refresh sunny days. Savor unexpected and exciting dining venues, featuring world-class local wine, craft beer and farm-fresh cuisine. To the south, San Luis Obispo offers cultural delights, including museums, art galleries and live music. To the north, find family-friendly activities in the low-key city of Atascadero.

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