Cayucos Kayaking/Boating

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From the serene protected waters of Morro Bay to the rocky cliffs along Shell Beach, kayaking is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Get a chance to view incredible shoreline scenery, encounter all types of interesting sea life and take pleasure in the natural beauty of this region while paddling along the Central Coast! For the novice kayaker the calm waters of Morro Bay would be a perfect fit and give you the chance to learn or refresh your skills. Looking for a little more excitement, try kayaking in San Luis Bay alongside the cliffs of Avila Beach. No matter where you choose, kayaking on the Central Coast will be a delightful adventure. The moderate climate of this region creates a perfect environment for ocean kayaking, with the water temperatures normally ranging between 52 and 62 degrees, which makes touring the coastline an inviting experience. So go out and explore the wonders of the Central Coast from the best seat in the house, your kayak! Rental shops in Cayucos will outfit you with everything you need for a day on the sea. Or, if you prefer a guided tour, visit Central Coast Outdoors for more information.
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