Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery

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Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery is a family operated business, located in the viticulture appellation of Paso Robles. The total holding consists of 149 acres of prime viticulture land, of which 55.5 acres are planted in grapevines. Importance is placed on meticulous vineyard management. Our vineyards are planted from east to west direction to maximize exposure to the sun, achieving maximum ripeness. Vines are managed to produce small yields, small berries and intense flavors to make wines of distinction. Rolling hills of our estate and the different varieties of soil are ideally suited to grow cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, petit verdot, zinfandel and other varieties. Additional varietals from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal are currently propagated. Grapes are hand harvested to control quality. The grapes are fermented in small lots of 500 to 3000 gallons. Secondary, malolactic fermentation is done in 59 gallon French oak barrels from various cooperages and aged for one year "sur lie," prior to first racking. The wine continues aging in barrels for a minimum of two years. After aging, the wine is filtered, bottled, and finally released 60 days after bottling. The tasting room is open daily 10am to 7:30pm.
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