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Fromagerie Sophie

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Fromagerie Sophie is a European-inspired cheese shop with a fabulous selection of cheese from all over the world; as well as artisanal charcuterie and specialty accoutrement. It is our greatest pleasure to watch people discover cheese as they travel on a global sensory journey from the walls of our shop. In a welcoming, European-inspired environment, our customers travel on a tasting journey through an international collection of cheese. We want to establish our artisan shop as a must-visit destination in San Luis Obispo, with guests becoming cheese connoisseurs under our guidance as the Central Coast cheese experts. We search the globe for products that aren't available in most stores because they are crafted according to old fashion standards and traditions. We seek out and collect these artisanal products from European countries, and also revered American favorites, sharing them with our customers. We like to say we offer the travel experience without the jet lag. We start every day excited to experience the pleasure of seeing someone's face light up when they taste a great cheese for the first time. The way their eyes sparkle and the corners of their mouth turn into a smile is a perfect moment for us. We want more guests to know and understand everything we love about cheese.


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