Happy Acres Family Farm

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Happy Acres Family Farm is a working goat dairy that is unique to the Central Coast. Happy Acres started with one special goat named Stella. Owner Stephanie Simonin brought Stella to the farm to help feed orphan calves her husband brought home. Today Stella still leads an ever expanding herd of goats. The goat herd today is made up of four unique breeds totaling over 200 head. Happy Acres' goat milk is all natural and hormone-free and has a wonderfully high butterfat content essential in producting dairy products such as fresh goat milk, cheese, ice-cream, lotion, soap and other skincare products. Happy Acres goats, each with their own name chosen by the family, share the green pastures under the ever-guarding eyes of several alpacas and a crazy miniature donkey. The farm is also home to miniature horses and many other farm animals. The Happy Acres farm stand sells their unique goat milk dairy products along with fresh eggs and farm-fresh produce.  The produce is grown on the farm's 56 certified organic acres. So come try our farm fresh goat milk dairy products, fresh produce, and meet the goats on hands-on, fun-filled farm tour!
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