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Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center

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The Official Paso Robles Visitor Center is located within the lobby of the Chamber of Commerce in the heart of downtown Paso Robles. Upon arrival, make a stop to see us! Our welcoming staff will assist you in creating your own experience in our charming community. We strive to provide information that will maximize enjoyment and encourage return visits. We look forward to serving you.


  • Family Friendly:
  • Hours of Operation: Mon - Wed: 9am - 5pm Thurs: 9am - 6pm Fri: 9am - 7pm Sat: 10am - 5pm Sun: 10am - 2pm
Film Location
  • Agriculture or Farm:
  • Auditorium or Theater:
  • Bar or Lounge:
  • Barn:
  • Cave:
  • Creek:
  • Dilapidated Structure:
  • Dining:
  • Dirt Road:
  • Lake:
  • Park:
  • Ranch:
  • Residential:
  • Train Track:
  • Vineyard:
  • CDC Recommended Cleaning Procedures:
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols Implemented:
  • Employees Trained on Limiting Spread of COVID-19:
  • Open For Business:
  • Site-specific Protection Plan Implemented:
  • Social Distance Furniture Configurations:
  • Social Distancing Guidelines Enforced:
  • Social/Physical Distancing Guidelines Implemented:
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