Spike's Pub

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Located in the historic Creamery in Downtown San Luis Obispo, Spike's Pub has proudly poured the finest brew since 1981. Quite simply, they are dedicated to the oldest fermented beverage in the world's BEER. Stop by and pull up a chair at Spikes and immerse yourself in the full beer experience. With 35 beers on tap (plus our large selection of bottled beers and ciders), you can enjoy local beers that originate here in SLO CAL or go on a beer tasting adventure and try a vast array of beer from around the world! See Tap Hunter for current beers on tap. Their selection of imported beers reflects a consensus of opinion among our brewing friends as to which German, Czech, Belgian, British and global beers are essential representatives of their type and region.Plus they rotate and change their beer selection weekly in order to provide the freshest and most diverse selection of beer possible. Not only are they dedicated to providing you with the best pint of beer, they are committed to providing the best beer experience in San Luis Obispo!


  • Hours of Operation: 3pm - 2am Mon-Sat, 3pm-Midnight Sun
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