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San Luis Obispo County is your destination for Pure Play in California. Whether you choose our region to play on the beach, play in the vineyards, play culturally, or play in our communities we invite you to channel your inner sense of adventure in San Luis Obispo County. There are hundreds of activities and things to do to lure you off Highway 101 through our discovery routes and onto Highway 1 for breath taking views and adventure.

Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles along California’s Central Coast our region captures 315 days of sunshine a year. Our inland communities experience the greatest temperature swings between daytime highs and nighttime lows providing sunny, warm days year around. The unique microclimates make the area diverse, yet the perfect growing conditions for world-class wine grapes, olives, strawberries and a variety of produce growing throughout the region. A wide array of farm stands, farmer’s markets and you pick farms are another opportunity to play connecting you to the region’s agricultural roots.

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