Why Meet In SLO CAL?

When you choose to meet in SLO CAL, you’re choosing to introduce your guests to a landscape comprised of rugged, rocky shorelines, pristine beaches, rolling vineyards, and mountains that appear to touch the sky. You’re inviting them to taste the flavors of year-round, abundant agriculture. Experience sought-after wine, beer, ciders and spirits, find artisan bakers, honey makers and cheese mongers. By convening in SLO CAL, you’re allowing friends, family, colleagues and consumers an opportunity to commune with elephant seals, whales, sea otters and Monarch butterflies. Walk among the Monterey pine trees, sycamores, cypresses and live oaks in between sessions. And, perhaps best of all, you’re putting them in touch with some of the happiest, healthiest, creative and innovative people on the Central Coast.

That’s why, when you choose to meet in SLO CAL, it’s no exaggeration when we say you choose to bring your guests into the best of everything.