Advocacy Tool Kit 

This toolkit is a collection of resources designed to support individual and group advocacy efforts. It includes links to your local community’s government pages, educational links on current issues, and ways to communicate with your elected officials.  

We hope you will find this toolkit helpful and invite you to join us in positively impacting the flourishing travel and tourism sector while protecting this cherished place we call SLO CAL.

State of California Resources

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Stay updated on California travel news, track state capital events, and connect with local representatives in Sacramento and Washington DC through comprehensive online platforms like official government websites, news portals, and dedicated travel forums.

Explore the latest developments, legislative actions, and travel insights to stay informed and engaged with California's dynamic landscape and political scene.

Headlines & Updates

California State Legislative Resources

Find Your CA Representative 

Within the tourism sector, elected officials function at various levels. Local representatives, such as mayors and city council members, play a vital role in shaping tourism initiatives at the city or county level. State-level officials, including governors and legislators, focus on formulating broader tourism policies, while federal representatives, such as senators and congressional members, contribute to national strategies. Connect with your elected officials below, whether in person or through written communication, to voice your concerns and foster a dialogue for a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry here in SLO CAL.

County of San Luis Obispo Resources

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Unlock valuable county resources to access crucial information such as the Board of Supervisors' activities, County of SLO agenda updates, and the latest news and updates shaping your community.

Local City Resources

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Local, state, and federal government bodies have separate priorities in creating a variety of different legislation. Explore the resources below to stay connected with issues affecting your community and be an active participant in the dialogue for positive change.

Other Tools

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Discover essential tools for navigating legislative processes with ease, including bill search functionalities, comprehensive legislative glossary and a digital database run on AI. These resources empower individuals to understand and track legislation effectively, providing clarity and insight into the intricate workings of the legislative system.

Write to Your Representatives 

Below, you'll find templates addressing current issues to download. The templates are designed to provide a friendly and structured foundation for your impactful advocacy letters.  

Visit SLO CAL's  Community Studies

Visit SLO CAL provides strategic research and vital tourism knowledge reporting tailored for specific tourism issues here in our community. We are constantly evaluating our tourism environment with the goal of maintaining a thriving local environment here in SLO CAL. See some examples of studies we have done in the past HERE.

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