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Board & Committees

Visit SLO CAL is privileged to be supported by a dedicated and talented group of professionals who serve on our Board of Directors, Marketing Committee and Advisory Committee. These committee members devote a great deal of time to assist with organizational decisions and direction, and through their own initiatives, support tourism in SLO CAL

The Visit SLO CAL Board of Directors reviews key strategies throughout the year. The Board includes representatives from each community and type of lodging business, as described below. As directed in the Management District Plan, each community defines the designated lodging constituent to serve as their appointed member of the Board, which makes up the first eight (8) seats, one (1) representative at-large is appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and the remaining ten (10) seats are elected by the Board. Board members must be an owner or currently working as the general manager of an assessed lodging business in San Luis Obispo County in order to remain on the Board. The Board meets bi-monthly at locations throughout the County.

The Visit SLO CAL Marketing Committee reviews the marketing priorities of the Board of Directors and considers the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to implement the initiatives outlined in our Strategic Direction 2023 to advise Visit SLO CAL’s marketing programs. As directed in the Management District Plan, the Marketing Committee includes the DMO manager from each community and county unincorporated area, as well as at-large members representing a mix of different sectors. While DMO managers have a standing seat on the Marketing Committee, at-large members serve for staggered three-year terms. The Marketing Committee meets monthly at locations in San Luis Obispo.

The Visit SLO CAL Advisory Committee is comprised of elected officials and city managers, who participate in two to four meetings per year and liaise back to the communities they represent with programming updates and overall metrics demonstrating the impacts of the TMD on the County and cities.



Hemant Patel, 805 Hospitality, Morro Bay | Paso Robles | San Luis Obispo | Unincorporated Area (—June 2023) 
Aaron Graves, The Rigdon House, Cambria (—June 2023)
Mark Eads, SeaVenture Beach Hotel, Pismo Beach (—June 2022)
Amar Sohi, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Atascadero (—June 2023) 
Clint Pearce, Madonna Enterprises, Atascadero | San Luis Obispo (—June 2022) 
Alma Ayon, Sundance Bed & Breakfast (—June 2024)
Jed Bickel, SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel (—June 2024)
Kathleen Bonelli, Paso Robles Vacation Rentals (—June 2022)
John Conner, Petit Soleil, San Luis Obispo (—June 2023)
Jim Hamilton, County At-Large Appointee (—June 2023)
Jay Jamison, Pismo Coast Village, Pismo Beach (—June 2022) 
Toni LeGras, Beachside Rentals, Unincorporated SLO County (—June 2022) 
Sam Miller, Holiday Inn Express, Grover Beach (—June 2024)
Amit Patel, New Horizon Associates, Morro Bay | Pismo Beach | San Luis Obispo (—June 2024)
Nipool Patel, Lamplighter Inn & Suites, San Luis Obispo (—June 2022)
Victor Popp, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Paso Robles  (—June 2024)
Open Seat, Arroyo Grande Appointed Lodging Seat (—June 2024)


Hemant Patel, 805 Hospitality, Morro Bay | Paso Robles | San Luis Obispo | Unincorporated Area (—June 2023) • Chair
Aaron Graves, The Rigdon House, Cambria (—June 2023) • Vice Chair
Mark Eads, SeaVenture Beach Hotel, Pismo Beach (—June 2022) • Secretary
Amar Sohi, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Atascadero (—June 2023) • Treasurer
Clint Pearce, Madonna Enterprises, Atascadero | San Luis Obispo (—June 2022) • Past Chair


Ashlee Akers, Verdin (—June 2023)
Jim Allen, Hearst Castle (—June 2022)
Audrey Arellano, Cambria Inns (—June 2023)
Terrie Banish, City of Atascadero • Destination Partner Seat
Jocelyn Brennan, South County Chambers of Commerce  • Destination Partner Seat
Molly Cano, City of San Luis Obispo • Destination Partner Seat
Cheryl Cuming, Unincorporated County Business Improvement District (CBID) • Destination Partner Seat
Gordon Jackson, Pismo Beach CVB • Destination Partner Seat
Stacie Jacob, Travel Paso • Destination Partner Seat
Lori Keller, Blu Hotel Management (—June 2024)
Kathleen Naughton, SLO Coast Wine Collective (—June 2024)
Joel Peterson, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance (—June 2023)
Lindsey Roberts, Martin Resorts (—June 2024)
Lynette Sonne, FARMstead ED (TBD)
John Sorgenfrei, TJA Advertising (—June 2022)
Jill Tweedie, Breakaway Tours Wine & Events (—June 2022)
Michael Wambolt, Visit Morro Bay • Destination Partner Seat 



Wade Horton, County Administrative Officer, County of San Luis Obispo
Lynn Compton, Supervisor, County of San Luis Obispo
Whitney McDonald, City Manager, City of Arroyo Grande 
Lan George, Councilmember, City of Arroyo Grande
Rachelle Rickard, City Manager, City of Atascadero
Heather Newsom, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Atascadero
Matthew Bronson, City Manager, City of Grover Beach
Daniel Rushing, Councilmember, City of Grover Beach
Scott Collins, City Manager, City of Morro Bay
Red Davis, Councilmember, City of Morro Bay
Greg Carpenter, Interim City Manager, City of Paso Robles
Steve Martin, Mayor, City of Paso Robles
Jim Lewis, City Manager, City of Pismo Beach
Scott Newton, Councilmember, City of Pismo Beach
Derek Johnson, City Manager, City of San Luis Obispo
Heidi Harmon, Mayor, City of San Luis Obispo


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