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The Visit SLO CAL marketing team works closely with our two public relations agency of record, our national agency Turner, and international UK agency Black Diamond and our industry partners at Visit California, to bring brand awareness of SLO CAL to local, regional, national and international media. Effective public relations and communications are key to building destination brand credibility and accessing thousands of potential visitors to our region. At Visit SLO CAL we host and pitch hundreds of journalists each year, inviting them to learn, explore and even visit for an “exclusive” hands-on adventure. Secured placement in magazines and newspapers can result in articles that could reach hundreds of thousands of readers. We invite you to view some of our recent public relations placements.

Would you like to be featured during a journalist’s visit? Visit SLO CAL is always looking for lodging, restaurants and activities to highlight during a media familiarization (FAM) tour. If your business would like to be considered and you can offer your services at a discounted rate, please email us at

Visit SLO CAL is also continually seeking content ideas. If you are a member of Visit SLO CAL and have information on what’s new in our region, or have a fantastic story to pitch, please contact us today at

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