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Visit SLO CAL is committed to keeping our partners apprised of the efforts of our organization. Complete transparency is important to us, so we invite you to review the reports below and see how they can benefit your business marketing efforts. Also, monthly we publish Community Business Intelligence Reports, Transient Occupancy Tax by Segment Report, COVID-19 Recovery Report as well as the monthly and weekly Smith Travel Research (STR) Reports. These reports as well as other special reports can be found on SLO CAL Connection

Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Workforce Housing Nexus Study 2023

Beacon Economics, an independent research and consulting firm that delivers objectively based economic analysis, conducted a study on the Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Workforce Housing in SLO CAL. The first-ever regional study was conducted to quantify the relationship between short-term vacation rentals and housing affordability in 21 communities throughout SLO CAL. The study had two primary goals. First, to provide data and an empirical analysis to help inform SLO CAL stakeholders and policymakers about the nature of the short-term rental (STR) market. Second, to provide an understanding of the relationship between STRs and the broader housing market in SLO CAL, as well as to measure the impact of STRs on the supply of workforce housing across the county.

Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Workforce Housing Nexus Study 2023 Download

Resident Sentiment Study 2023

Conducted by Destination Analysts, a leading research firm specializing in tourism studies, the Resident Sentiment Study measured the sentiment across seven cities and the unincorporated area of the county. It included four main areas of interest, which were contextualized against state-level metrics. Firstly, the study measured the current sentiment of residents towards tourism in their communities, including both qualitative assessment (perception of making SLO CAL a better place to live) and quantitative (contributing to SLO CAL’s economic vitality). Secondly, identified pain points of residents as well as strengths and opportunities that are impacted by local government. Thirdly, provide recommendations for future tourism marketing, destination development, and community involvement.

Resident Sentiment Study 2023 Download

Oceano Dunes Stewardship Study 2023

Oceano Dunes is the second most visited destination in SLO CAL with 3.4 million visitors (2019). Following the decision by the California Coastal Commission in March 2021 to end off-road vehicle use at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA), it was vitally important to begin developing future stewardship recommendations to mitigate the impact of permanently reduced or a complete phase-out of off-road vehicle use at Oceano Dunes. Visit SLO CAL, the non-profit destination marketing and management organization for the County of San Luis Obispo, commissioned an independent study to assess the area, solicit stakeholder input and understand community aspirations, and identify future use opportunities to help ensure a vibrant future for the Oceano Dunes SVRA.

Request a PDF version of the report here:

2023 Oceano Dunes Stewardship Study

Business & Marketing Plan 

Each year Visit SLO CAL develops an overview of our marketing strategy as an Annual Business and Marketing Plan, outlining the year ahead for sales, paid media (advertising), earned media (public relations), owned media (online content, collateral and social media) and Film SLO CAL. Here, you'll also find information on our audience persona, target market and branding strategies. 

View or download PDF versions of our current and previous marketing plans here: 

FY 2024/25 Business & Marketing Plan |  FY2023/24 Business & Marketing Plan

FY 2022/23 Business & Marketing Plan |  FY 2021/22 Business & Marketing Plan 

FY 2020/21 Business & Marketing Plan | FY 2019/20 Business & Marketing Plan 

Annual Report / Year in Review Scorecard

Each year, Visit SLO CAL creates our Annual Report. The Annual Report is a tool that we use to gauge our accomplishments for the previous fiscal year. It is extremely important to us that our projects remain in cooperation with our Strategic Plan.  This report is published each year in September after it is approved by our Board of Directors. 

The scorecard includes a high-level overview of tourism data, specifically pertaining to San Luis Obispo County, as well as an overview of Visit SLO CAL's advertising and marketing programs, public relations, sponsorship and travel trade metrics.

FY2022/23 Annual Report | FY2022/23 Scorecard

FY2021/22 Annual Report | FY2021/22 Scorecard

FY2020/21 Annual Report | FY2020/21 Scorecard



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