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Marketing Research & Plans

Visit SLO CAL works in partnership with top research agencies to compile relevant tourism data that benefits our local industry. We use the information gathered to strategically craft our marketing plan, ensuring our dollars are reaching maximum impact in feeder markets. Please review the information below and feel free to share these studies and plans with your team. Please do not share this data outside your organization. 

Marketing Research and Plans

Brand Lift Study
Visit SLO CAL has received the results of the first wave of its Brand Lift Study (linked below). This is the first of three waves in the study and provides a benchmark for awareness prior to the campaign. Waves two and three will take place after this round of advertising (late spring) and again after the fall ad campaign.
Feel free to reach out to with questions. 

Share-of-Wallet and Demographic Study and Feeder Market Awareness Study:
Visit SLO CAL is excited to present the results of our groundbreaking research studies, conducted by Merrill Research. Click here to view summaries of key takeaways from both our Share-of-Wallet and Demographic Study and Feeder Market Awareness Study, and video presentations from Pat Merrill of Merrill Research.

Visit SLO CAL Marketing Plan:

Visit SLO CAL has unveiled its 2017-2018 Marketing Plan. Click here to view a digital copy of the plan. Please check back in spring of 2018 for our 2018-2019 Marketing Plan. 


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