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Visit SLO CAL Reports

Visit SLO CAL is determined to keep our partners apprised of the efforts of our organization. Complete transparency is important to us, so we invite you to review the reports below and see how they can benefit your businesses’ marketing efforts. We invite you to download and read through all our reports. These assets provide partners with key information on upcoming events and initiatives. We do ask that you please do not share these reports with anyone outside your organization. If you have any questions, please contact us at 805.541.8000. 

Annual Report / Year in Review Scorecard

Each year, Visit SLO CAL creates our Annual Report. The Annual Report is a tool that we use to gauge our accomplishments for the previous fiscal year. It is extremely important to us that our projects remain in cooperation with our Strategic Plan. Demonstration of Strategic Plan initiatives is clearly explained in our Annual Report. This report is published each year in September after it is approved by our Board of Directors. 
The Year in Review Scorecard is produced every year in advance of our Tourism Exchange event. The scorecard includes a high-level overview of tourism data, specifically pertaining to San Luis Obispo County, as well as an overview of Visit SLO CAL's advertising and marketing programs, public relations, sponsorship, and travel trade metrics.

FY2018/19 Annual Report | TMD Results to Date

FY2017/18 Annual ReportFY2017-18 Scorecard

FY2016/17 Annual Report | FY2016-17 Scorecard

FY2015/16 Annual Report

FY2014/15 Annual Report


Activity Reports

Each month, our team publishes a Staff Report that highlights accomplishments and ongoing projects for the Visit SLO CAL team. The reports are posted on our website the Friday before each Board Meeting. 

2019 Activity Reports
2018 Activity Reports 

January 2018 ​| February 2018 ​| March 2018 | ​April 2018 | May 2018 ​| June 2018 | ​​July 2018 ​| August 2018 | September 2018 | October 2018 | November 2018 | December 2018

2017 Activity Reports 

January 2017 ​| February 2017 | ​March 2017 | ​April 2017 | ​May 2017 | June 2017 | ​July 2017 | ​August 2017 | ​September 2017 | ​October 2017 | ​November 2017 | ​December 2017 

2016 Activity Reports 

January 2016 | ​February 2016 | ​March 2016 | ​April 2016 | ​May 2016 | ​June 2016 | ​July 2016 | ​August 2016 ​| September 2016 | ​October 2016 | ​November 2016 | ​December 2016 

2015 Activity Reports 

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