SAVOR Participation Information

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SAVOR Participation Information

SAVOR - A San Luis Obispo County Experience is a roadshow that highlights SLO CAL’s unique culinary offerings and experiences. Visit SLO CAL will be taking SAVOR to food and wine events throughout the state of California and the United States. The experience of SAVOR is comprised of food, wine, brew, spirits and more. It gives potential visitors in feeder markets the opportunity to explore a taste of SLO CAL, encouraging them to visit the destination for their next vacation. Read below to learn more about the Experience and how your organization can be showcased. 

Who can partner with Visit SLO CAL on SAVOR - A San Luis Obispo County Experience? 
Companies that are interested in partnering with Visit SLO CAL on SAVOR must be strategic partners or members of Visit SLO CAL in good standing. The SAVOR experience is designed to showcase San Luis Obispo County's Culinary, Cultural and Coastal experiences. The partners will bring these types of attributes to the experience.

How do you partner with VSC?
If you are interested in partnering with Visit SLO CAL on SAVOR, please contact Pam Roberts our Events and Membership Manager at

What are the costs to partner with Visit SLO CAL?
The cost of partnering varies for each show and destination. The total cost for each show is comprised of booth costs, product costs, and travel costs.

What shows will SAVOR attend in the future? 
Visit SLO CAL will be taking SAVOR to a number of events in the coming months in such cities as San Diego and Seattle. For a complete list of shows as they are announced, click here.

Can we use our distributors to partner with Visit SLO CAL? 
Yes, if one of the SAVOR experiences is in a market where you have distribution, we can work with your distributor.

What does travel look like when we partner? 
A blast! What better way to showcase SLO CAL than to take it on the road to food and wine events? Travel costs are the responsibility of the companies that partner with Visit SLO CAL.

What are the benefits of partnering with Visit SLO CAL on the SAVOR experience? 
Companies will be part of the largest San Luis Obispo County culinary road show. Visit SLO CAL is bringing SAVOR to food and wine events with thousands of attendees, giving the partnering companies direct exposure. By partnering with Visit SLO CAL, companies can make their marketing dollars go further and reach a new audience.

How much product does a company need to provide when partnering? 
Each show has a different number of attendees. Wineries, breweries and distilleries are asked to provide 1 oz. samples, and restaurants are asked to provide bite-sized samples. Our partners are asked to provide between 500 and 2500 samples, depending on the number of attendees at each show.


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