A couple relaxes in a hammock strung between pier pylons on a SLO CAL beach at sunset.



Chuck Davison, President & CEO Chuck@SLOCAL.com

Cathy Cartier, Chief Marketing Officer Cathy@SLOCAL.com

Annie Frew, Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy Annie@SLOCAL.com

Brendan Pringle, Director of Operations Brendan@SLOCAL.com

Vanessa Rodriguez, Director of Marketing Vanessa@SLOCAL.com

Kyla Boast, Associate Director of Sales Kyla@SLOCAL.com

Riley Grim, Brand Marketing Manager Riley@SLOCAL.com

Ashley Mastako, Partner Engagement Manager Ashley@SLOCAL.com

Melissa Murray, Project Manager, Destination Management Melissa@SLOCAL.com

Eric Parker, PR & Communications Manager  Eric@SLOCAL.com

Camille Silvera, Content Marketing Specialist Camille@SLOCAL.com

Catherine Cropp, Brand Marketing Manager Catherine@SLOCAL.com



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