Camping at the Beach

Wake up to the sound of the ocean, and start your day with coffee brewed over a campfire. Camping along some of California’s most pristine shoreline is a hard-to-beat experience.
Camping at the beach is an unforgettable way to discover SLO CAL. With the splendor of the coastline at your feet, you can relax on the sand, or spend the day exploring the pure natural beauty around you. Perhaps grab a quick picnic lunch, and head out to uncover the SLO CAL sights and activities nearby. Hiking, kayaking, fishing and numerous other outdoor excursions are waiting for you. Prefer something less adventurous? Visit an area winery, or stop by the world-renowned Hearst Castle.
No matter how you’ve spent your day, the evening is the perfect time to fully appreciate the wonder of camping at the beach. Curl up under a blanket as you sip a local wine, and watch a spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean, only steps away from your campsite. 

Let SLO CAL redefine your standards for what great camping should be.