Kayakers paddling through Dinosaur Caves in San Luis Obispo
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Fire Information

Currently, there are no active wildfires in San Luis Obispo County, and the region remains safe and accessible to all visitors. San Luis Obispo County Airport and all roadways are open and unaffected. All local businesses are operating as normal. 

Multiple wildfires are burning in rural California regions, including a small fire in Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara County (9/2/18).

Smoke from these fires may be visible at times in SLO CAL, which can affect air quality and/or visibility. For detailed information on the air quality within the region, visit SLO County APCD's website.

SLO CAL’s tourism industry is grateful to first responders in our county and throughout California, working to keep residents and visitors safe. For more information on the current active wildfires in the state, visit the official CalFire website.

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