Kayaker In Dinosaur Caves
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The currents of the Pacific Ocean keep SLO CAL right in the sweet spot of cool with annual temperatures averaging 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The Mediterranean climate features mild winters and warm summers. Changes in elevation and shifting winds create numerous microclimates that can lead to triple-digit temperatures in the summer and a chilly breeze in the winter, perfect for a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. Even on warm summer days, you can count on a swift cool down at night.


SUMMER (May 1-September 15)

Summer is the perfect time for any outdoor activity in SLO CAL from kayaking, to hiking and hitting the beach.

Average High/Low: 77 ℉/ 52℉

Average Rainfall: 0.15”


FALL (September 16 - November 30)

Fall in SLO CAL is unlike many other places because the beaches stay warm and the skies stay cloudless.

Average High/Low: 75 ℉/ 49℉

Normal Rainfall: 0.93”


WINTER (December 1 - February 15)

Clear skies during the day with chilly nights are typical of winter in SLO CAL.

Average High/Low: 64 ℉/ 41℉

Average Rainfall: 3.8”


SPRING (February 16 - April 30)

Spring is a beautiful time in SLO CAL with flowers in full bloom and the hills turning vibrant green.

Average High/Low: 66℉/ 44 ℉

Average Rainfall: 2.7”


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