SLO CAL Crafted

Digital Toolkit

The SLO CAL Crafted Certified label seeks to help consumers identify genuine local products and support the community of business owners that make SLO CAL so special. We strive to promote SLO CAL as a destination filled with unique products worth traveling for and encourage visitors and residents alike to seek out our SLO CAL Crafted businesses.

Our goal is to bring as much value as possible to our partners by creating opportunities to participate in programs and projects that provide additional exposure to new audiences through our platforms.


Promote Your Certification

By proudly displaying the SLO CAL Crafted Certified logo you are joining the team of small business owners dedicated to keeping resources and dollars local. You are also signaling to consumers that by shopping “here” they are directly supporting local families and enriching our communities.

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  Celebrating the Outstanding Quality of SLO CAL's Farmers, Crafters and Artists