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Places to Stay

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Hotels and Motels

SLO CAL’s hotels and motels come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and accommodate every budget and style. From name-brand chains to small neighborhood motels and locally owned boutique hotels, you will have no problem finding just the right place to hit the hay.  

Need an extra dose of relaxation? Unwind with a day at the spa, followed by a locally sourced meal. Elevate your experience at one of SLO CAL’s boutique hotels, offering contemporary decor, personalized service, and an eclectic vibe.

In one of our main cities, select from a variety of possibilities that best suits your mood: choose from properties where you can step out the door and walk to the bustling culinary and cultural scene, or explore wine country while staying at a vineyard hotel. If you decide to vacation at a beach resort, end the day by watching an ocean sunset from your private balcony. All these and more are options that are right at your fingertips.


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