Kayakers in the water of Morro Bay in SLO CAL
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Connect with SLO CAL on a deeper level by focusing on stewardship travel, the next step in ecotourism. Immerse yourself in the local marine life, coastal heritage and natural attractions along the iconic Highway 1 Discovery Route, made up of 10 diverse artisan towns and seaside villages. Enjoy everything this area has to offer—farm-to-table food, world-class wine, stunning scenery and more—through the lens of stewardship travel, and you’ll be rewarded with a meaningful connection with this unique locale.  
Boasting a menu of diverse activities for visitors year-round, the Highway 1 Discovery Route connects you with local residents, scientists, naturalists, wildlife and heritage sites, located along Highway 1.  Beach cleanups and trail restoration are a sampling of the variety of activities that will add a greater meaning to your vacation. Stop at a nearby heritage site, and take a docent-led tour, discovering little known stories of the past. Or set aside time to view wildlife up close and personal in their native habitat. No matter which activity you choose, stewardship travel provides unforgettable ways to experience SLO CAL at its finest.


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