Rock Climbing in San Luis Obispo County

Hiking the trails of SLO CAL isn’t the only way to take in the area’s stunning scenery—rock climbing locations boast gorgeous coastal landscapes and breathtaking views of the foothills. SLO CAL offers a range of outdoor climbing spots, from Cabrillo Peak in Morro Bay, with its magnificent views of the ocean and scenic Morro Bay estuary, to Bishop Peak, well-known for its amazing view of San Luis Obispo and surrounding hills. Also popular are Scott Rock in Cambria, a 200-foot (60-meter) formation of hard granitic rock, and Rock Front Ranch in Nipomo, which contains many climbing routes that are located on several different rock formations.
Most of SLO CAL’s rock climbing locales are primarily for intermediate and advanced climbers, but there are some facilities that are suitable for beginners. Need some climbing instruction, or just prefer to climb indoors? Check out one of the many indoor rock climbing gyms in the area. These indoor rock climbing gyms include indoor climbing walls, training and instruction and gear and climbing tips.