Filming in SLO CAL FAQ

Welcome to the Film SLO CAL FAQ page, your resource hub for all things related to filming in beautiful San Luis Obispo County. Whether you're a seasoned producer or a new filmmaker, here you'll find answers to common questions that will help streamline your production process and ensure a successful shoot. Dive into our curated list of FAQs to get detailed insights and support for your film project in our vibrant community.

  • Each community and entity like state parks has different representatives and approval processes. To see the list of who to contact and the forms to fill out, head over to our permitting resources page.

  • It is requested that forms are submitted 10 – 14 days prior to filming. We understand that there are instances where quick turnarounds are required and it is possible to expedite permits. For individual forms and restrictions head over to our permitting resources page.

  • No. As long as you are not filming any public buildings or infrastructure, you do not need a permit to film on private property in San Luis Obispo County, however we do ask that you notify the film commission ( By showing the economic impact of filming in county, this allows us to secure additional resources to offer more robust services and benefits. 


  • Permitting fees vary but are relatively low (approximately $95 - $250). The only reason there are any costs is to cover the time it takes administrative staff to process the permits. Individual permitting forms list the costs involved and can be found on our permitting resources page.

  • The questions the film commission will ask are to inform economic impact to the county and include – (1) Estimated spend in market during your production, (2) Number of hotel rooms booked & number of nights if any, (3) Filming Dates, (4) Crew Size, (5) Final list of locations, (6) Link to finished product so we can promote and celebrate the production

  • Absolutely! San Luis Obispo County has a lot to offer and the film commission is here to help you navigate it and find exactly what you need. Head over to our film information request page, fill out the form and a representative from the commission will be in touch within 12-24 hours. You can also call our office at 805.541.8000.

  • The best way to get in touch with Film SLO CAL is to head over to our film information request page, fill out the form and a representative from the commission will be in touch within 12-24 hours. You can also call our office at 805.541.8000 or email

  • Unfortunately, SLO CAL has no tax incentives on the county or city level. There are tax incentives on the state level, but the California Film Commission handles those. More information can be found on their tax incentive information page.

  • As a part of the DMO that oversees tourism for the county, we are able in a unique position to put out a request for proposal to all hotels in the area to get the best possible price at a location that fulfills all of your requirements. Head over to our accommodations page to learn more.


  • There are a variety of film professionals in SLO CAL covering a range of positions such as Director of Photography, Editor, Location Scout, Sound and Lighting Tech, Production Assistant and more. To search and filter the whole list, head over to our crew database page.

  • Cuesta College's film/TV program does offer internships for students to work on local films. The difficulty is that the film projects need to be announced before registration ends and completed before the semester ends. Not every film project has the flexibility to conform to that timeline. However, students have done it.  Often the college will pro-rate the student's internship, meaning that students will first complete the internship and then register for the class. If projects are offering paid positions, students don't need to be registered in an internship. For those, the staff can make an announcement online to interested applicants.