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About Us

Visit SLO CAL is the non-profit countywide destination marketing and management organization for SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County, CA). A destination organization, often referred to as a destination marketing or management organization, convention and visitors bureau or tourist board, is responsible for promoting a community as an attractive travel destination and enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, they strengthen the economic position and provide opportunity for people in their community.

Such organizations are essential to the economic and social-well being of the communities they represent, driving direct economic impact through the visitor economy and fueling development across the entire economic spectrum by creating familiarity, attracting decision makers, sustaining air service and improving the quality of life in a place. Destination promotion is in fact a public good for the benefit and well-being of all; an essential investment no community can afford to abate without causing detriment to the community’s future economic and social well-being.

Our Vision | A vibrant and prosperous SLO CAL, fueled by a collaborative and flourishing tourism industry.

Our Mission | Inspire travel and foster our unique experiences to create life-long ambassadors and economic growth for SLO CAL.




Stewardship | We are mindful of our resources and seek to enhance the SLO CAL lifestyle

Authenticity | We are attuned to our own well-being and strive to bring the SLO CAL brand to life

Inclusion | We engage and collaborate with an array of voices and perspectives

Drive | We bring enthusiasm to our work and prioritize initiatives to achieve results

Future Focus | We deliver today with an innovative eye on tomorrow 



To view our multi-year strategic plan, click here.


Our Brand

Welcome to SLO CAL, where Life's Too Beautiful to Rush®

In 2017, VSC launched the first-ever countywide destination brand, SLO CAL. SLO CAL represents and unites the entire county through a new logo, trademarked slogan, brand promise, iconic still images and engaging video, which are incorporated throughout VSC’s marketing efforts, including advertising, public relations, social media, the new SLOCAL.com website, promotional videos and email marketing.

SLO CAL establishes a geographical location for the county while at the same time representing its unique pace of life and personality. The new brand evokes feelings of relaxation and the freedom to experience life at your own pace — the SLO CAL way of life.


In 2016, VSC conducted multiple research studies to inform the branding process including a feeder market awareness study (FMS) and a share of wallet study (SOWS) and demographic study, surveying over 2,200 consumers to gauge the awareness and perception of San Luis Obispo County as a tourism destination.


Through these studies, VSC found that the majority of consumers surveyed did not know much, if anything, about San Luis Obispo County or what the county offers to travelers. When compared to competitors with similar attributes, San Luis Obispo County was perceived as not having any advantage over them and lacking in other desired attributes.


To overcome the lack of awareness and to capitalize on positive attributes, the consumer research was presented to BCF, VSC’s agency of record, to craft a brand that would emotionally resonate with consumers. VSC invited over 900 county stakeholders to interviews and meetings, and used the feedback, in combination with that of the Marketing Committee, Board of Directors, staff and agency to develop brand concepts.

These brand concepts were then shared and tested, both locally and in our key markets, to ensure the final brand and logo accurately represented our destination and effectively engaged potential travelers.


On January 23rd, 2017, the new SLO CAL brand and corresponding “Life’s Too Beautiful to Rush®” (LTBTR) campaign was launched with digital banners, social media, native and video communications in our key target markets of Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego.


Our marketing strategy will continue to focus on expanding the brand presence for SLO CAL; growing awareness of the SLO CAL brand and destination; developing a stronger and deeper engagement with visitors and driving demand for visitation to the county. In December 2021, VSC launched the brand new SLOCAL.com which embodies the SLO CAL brand through more a more robust user experience, all new content and video, imagery.

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Visit SLO CAL is DMAP accredited by Destinations International.