In The Land of SLO CAL, nestled along the Pacific ridge, is a place where the rubber meets the sand. The Highway 1 coastal community of Oceano is home to the only beach in the whole entire state that you can drive on. Feel free to explore this sandy shore by car, ATV, dune buggy or horseback. Just a short hike away, you’ll discover a wonderland of untouched, undulating golden hills. At a whopping 18 miles long, The Oceano Dunes are the largest dunes complex in California. Is easy more your speed? Then you’ve come to the right beach town. Spend your days in the sun, your afternoons fishing in the surf, and nights huddled around a crackling bonfire. It’s the kind of vacay where your entire family can get on board. Speaking of on board, both grown-ups and kids will enjoy the historic Oceano Train Depot — along with all sorts of entertainment and casual dining options just waiting for you in this seaside town. 

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